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Helping you get ready for Audit

Don't let Audit get on top of you

What if you could have your annual audit with:

  -  A happier finance team,

  -  Better staff morale,

  -  Fewer or no late nights working,

  -  Less impact on your fiance team's day-to-day work or ad-hoc projects

  -  Reduced risk of audit over-run fees from your Auditors?


It is possible... read on, and contact us if you would like a smoother audit and less risk of audit over-run fees.

We understand what it means to be in business.  We understand that your competition continually gets tougher, and your profits are regularly under pressure, so no-one wants avoidable extra costs, like idle time of staff or extra fees from your Auditors for over-runs.  So, like most companies today, your Finance Team is as lean and efficient as possible.  It follows that your Finance Team is most likely to be made up of great team members who are knowledgeable and versatile, as each person covers multiple responsibilities.

Month ends can be stressful, but manageable, and can be more demanding when there are also quarterly VAT returns to review and submit, or important ad-hoc projects running along side.  For example, perhaps an investor has expressed interest and your team is busy running EBITDA forecasts and extracting various reports.  Then you add in to the mix...  a statutory audit!

Given so many competing priorities, it can be very difficult, and is almost always extremely stressful, to fully prepare for and go through an external audit.  Sure, you may have through them before and know what you're doing with it, or it may be your first ever audit and you're unsure about the process.  Either way, it'll mean late nights for you and your team, and inevitably lowers team energy and morale.  On top of that, it's not unheard of for staff to be off sick, or have personal commitments just when you need them around the most.  We get it - it's tough.

We give you the solution.  At DSV Accounting, we are experienced in preparing for and managing the audit process, which means we can come in and provide that targeted and focused resource you need to be ready-to-go for your audit.  As a matter of course, we'll quickly familiarise ourselves with your industry, business, and company, so that we can be as effective as possible when it comes to the audit.

Why us?

To put it simply - whilst we have the relevant expertise, our fees are not as much as the typical charge out rate of your auditors.  You therefore profit from any time we spend that results in fewer hours spent by the audit team looking into your accounts.  As mentioned, this is in addition to the saving in staff time and boost in staff morale that comes as a result of you giving them the extra support they need at such a busy time.

Save costs, and have a happier, more productive Finance Team.  Get in touch early enough for us to do what we do!